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  • 01. Can you invest through MyFundSIP in SIPs?
    Yes you can start your SIPs once your account is investment ready.
  • 02. Will I be getting personalized guidance to plan my investments?
    Yes, you will get personalized guidance by a CFP (Certified Financial Planner).
  • 03. After Investment can I view all details in an App?
    Yes, you can download our app and track your investments.

  • 04. Why do I need to submit PAN and Bank Details?
    Because it is mandatory by AMCs if you want to invest in any Mutual Funds, these are the compulsory documents needed.
  • 05. Can I increase/decrease the SIP amount anytime?
    Yes you can anytime. You can contact our support team too for the same.
  • 06. Which one is better: SIP or Lump sum?
    It depends on person to person, that is the reason first you get a personalised guidance and then we help you decide.